Site Selection: Taney County, Music to Business Ears

Located on Missouri’s southern border with Arkansas, Taney County is home to world-famous tourist destination, Branson, Missouri. And while tourism is the region’s bread and butter, its business acumen should not be underestimated, according to a new article by the Site Selection team.

Millions of tourists visit the “Live Entertainment Capital of the World” each year to take advantage of the region’s three beautiful lakes, more than 40 music theaters, and its 13 world-class golf courses. According to the City of Branson, visitors to the city add $1.7 billion to the local economy each year. Branson was recently ranked No. 21 on New York Times’ global 52 Places to Go in 2018.

“Being listed along with other great destinations around the world really highlights the wide variety of live entertainment, outdoor adventure and family fun that visitors can enjoy in Branson,” said Lynn Berry, the Director of Communications for the Branson CVB.

Check out the full article from the Site Selection team here.

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