Site Selection: Southeast Missouri State University Is Growing Business, Opportunity & Collaboration

Crops aren’t the only things sprouting from Missouri’s fertile fields, according to an article from the Site Selection team. Talented minds, innovation and technology are bountiful at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau.

Located in the state’s bootheel with nearly 2,500 farms, the region is growing more than 25 percent of the state’s agricultural products — to the tune of about $1.2 billion in annual production. Over the last 15 years, there has been a 14 percent increase in ag-related jobs in Missouri’s bootheel region.

Southeast Missouri State University is helping the industry continue to grow and innovate through its Economic and Business Engagement Center and its new Agriculture Technology Virtual Incubation program. The engagement center aims to helps businesses through workforce development and to help entrepreneurs in the region. The agtech program offers producers and innovators access to agriculture technology and support.

“The central purpose of this initiative is to find new opportunities to encourage innovation and offer support to the agriculture industry, a sector that is vitally important to the regional economy,” said Economic and Development Engagement Center Director Crystal Jones. “The incorporation and use of technological advancements in agriculture operations are playing a larger role in the region’s agriculture industry. We want to assist small businesses, including those in the agriculture industry, with capitalizing on these opportunities by providing additional services and expertise.”

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