Site Selection Magazine: Taking Flight

With two major auto and truck assembly plants, plus another just over its western border, Missouri owns an enviable chunk of North America’s “automotive alley,” which stretches southward from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico.

Nearly one in ten Missouri workers is employed in manufacturing, with automotive and aerospace being the sector’s largest components, according to a new article by Site Selection Magazine.

Supporting such knowledge-intensive enterprises requires a workforce heavy on engineers, and Missouri has the educational chops to sustain it.

“We’ve got a number of universities and colleges and technical schools that are focused specifically on some of the aerospace and advanced manufacturing areas,” says Subash Alias, senior vice president of Missouri Partnership.

Such educational offerings include automotive programs at Ranken Technical School in St. Louis and Kansas City’s Metropolitan Community College. St. Louis Community College maintains an aerospace training program that serves as a funnel for Boeing. Missouri University of Science and Technology enjoys a solid reputation for engineering.

Check out the full article from Site Selection Magazine here.

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