Site Selection Magazine: How to Build a Better Business Climate

Rob Dixon minces few words when outlining his goals for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, in a new article by Site Selection Magazine: “We want to make Missouri the easiest state to do business, and we want to become the best economic development department in the Midwest.”

If those sound like lofty ambitions for the director of the Missouri DED, then you don’t know Rob Dixon.

A former intelligence analyst for the U.S. Marine Corps in Afghanistan and Pakistan immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Dixon served his country with honor and distinction and was recognized for his performance and leadership in one of the most hostile places on earth.

What is building a better business climate compared to that?

In Dixon’s book, it’s serious business. “We are forward looking, and we are not content to stay where we are,” he says of the efforts to make Missouri a better destination for business. “We are reducing red tape through our No MO Red Tape initiative. By the time we are done, one third of every regulation on the books right now will be eliminated.”

Check out the full article from Site Selection Magazine here.

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