Reuters Highlights Nucor’s Choice of Sedalia, Missouri, for their Steel Mill Expansion

“Nucor Corp, America’s largest steelmaker, planned a new plant in Sedalia, Missouri, long before U.S. President Donald Trump imposed tariffs to protect the industry …” Timothy Aeppel writes in a Reuters article published this week. “… executives say they invested in Sedalia and two other sites to capitalize on an already profitable strategy …”

“At Nucor’s plant in Sedalia … 225 people will make steel with a high-tech furnace that shoots electricity through scrap metal to melt it into new products,” Aeppel reports. “Nucor selected Sedalia because of its location on a main rail line, near ample scrap metal sources and major construction markets needing the plant’s steel rebar. Although the plant will create few jobs compared to steel factories of the past, the positions – with salaries averaging $65,000 – are highly coveted in Sedalia …”

This is Missouri’s first steel mill.

“Local economic development director Jessica Craig called the jobs ‘transformative,’” the article states. A team of 10 people from across the state, including Missouri Partnership, worked with Nucor and were able to show why Missouri and our advanced manufacturing industry was the right place for Nucor to invest $250 million in capital to create these jobs and the next phase of Nucor’s growth and success.

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