What is Site Selection?

The Site Selection Process in Missouri

All projects start the same way – with a company need. Queries resulting from this need are generated several different ways, such as our marketing efforts, news coverage, a professional site selection consultant, or a previous business deal. However, the results are the same. A query, driven by a company’s data on what they need to expand, and a need for immediate responsiveness from everyone who receives it in order to provide that information within just a few days. Regardless of whether we helped the company identify the need, or if the company came to us, once that query is made, the Missouri team shifts into high gear.

Immediately, the project is entered into our system and is assigned a code name to allow coordination and cohesion at all levels. Requests for information are sent statewide to our regional economic development partners, utilities and railroads, who in turn distribute the requests for information to the local communities and counties. The responses, which are sometimes due only 2-3 days later, are consolidated by our team into one professional package and sent to the company or site selection consultants for review. It is this package, and the reaction to it, that determine if we really get to compete for this new investment into Missouri.

If any of our submitted locations meet enough of the project parameters, we will have the opportunity to fight hard for this new investment. Site and building parameters, workforce, infrastructure, possible incentives, regulations, raw materials, and much more are usually part of the scenario. Our team and our partners across the state collaborate to identify solutions for any and all issues that arise along the way. At this point in the project, every interaction with the company or consultants is long-distance or involves us traveling to them. We usually do not see them in Missouri for a site visit until they have eliminated a majority of their options nationwide.

The site visit, however, is where the community really gets their chance to shine. All the time and effort invested by the community in preparedness efforts, Insight Missouri, cooperative missions, web presence, data gathering, and more, all come together in this one moment. At this point, sometimes the company has revealed who they are, but sometimes their identity is still confidential. An expansion is always done for a competitive reason and keeping things quiet until it is time to meet with government officials or make an announcement is a valuable advantage companies count on when making expansion and investment decisions.

So now, the statewide team has provided a concierge service of sorts to the company, has answered all their questions, has come up with solutions for any challenges, has solved the workforce needs, has verified the validity of the project, has introduced them to leaders within the communities, and has given them numerous reasons to choose Missouri. At this point, we are usually competing with 1-2 other locations, and working to make Missouri their obvious location choice in order to have them invest in Missouri and create life-changing jobs for our residents.

Missouri welcomes Scollar to Kansas City

Since 2009, we have led or supported the successful recruitment of projects that have resulted in almost 25,000 new jobs, nearly $2.8 billion in new capital investment, and more than $1.3 billion in new annual payroll.

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In Their Words

We are pleased to be expanding into Kansas City, a vibrant community made up of thousands of small businesses, tech start-ups, and top-notch health care. A diverse, highly-educated workforce, an affordable cost of living and numerous cultural amenities make Kansas City a very desirable place to live and work.

— TrialCard / Mark Bouck

We chose Kansas City not just because of the location, but also because of the community and the many talented people. We will be here for a very long time and couldn’t have picked a better spot.

— A4 / Mark Mertens

A robust experienced talent pool made O’Fallon, Missouri, the perfect location for our expansion. Opening an operation center in Missouri was the next logical step in making sure we can exceed our clients’ expectations every day.

— Cenlar / Gregory Tornquist

The State of Missouri and its leadership exceeded our expectations. As a rural Missouri native, I was beyond excited to call Missouri home once again when our shareholders unanimously chose the Show-Me State. With such talent and innovation in the agricultural space, we believe Missouri is the right fit to help Palindromes advance its vision of correcting markets, redefining value, improving farmers’ profit margins, and increasing the tax base for our rural communities at a time when they are most in need.

— Palindromes / Karla Klingner

Square is proud to be from St. Louis and thrilled to expand our presence here, where we’ve exceeded our growth expectations thanks to the wealth of local talent. St. Louis is home to tens of thousands of Square sellers and we’re thankful for the support of our city and state partners in furthering their growth. We’re excited for what’s ahead.

— Square / Jim McKelvey

Missouri is perfectly positioned at the intersection of the east-west and north-south shipping corridors. We can ship products anywhere in the US in a couple of days and eliminate a lot of waste in rent and taxes. This strategic location and cost savings will allow us to innovate, invest in our people and increase our competitiveness in the marketplace.

— BH North America / Dan Foust

Faurecia is proud to open this new site and to provide new opportunities for local jobseekers. Kansas City Metro and the Blue Springs area are known for being a source of excellence in American manufacturing and we’re looking forward to building on that expertise and skill set as we continue to provide the very best to our customers.

— Faurecia Interiors / Donald Hampton, Jr.

This rebar micro-mill project is consistent with our long-term strategy for profitable growth and builds on our position as the low-cost producer. Strategically positioning this micro-mill in Sedalia will give us a sustained cost advantage over other domestic steel producers supplying rebar from outside the region.

— Nucor / John Ferriola

Kansas City is the ideal location for our punched grid manufacturing center of excellence given its proximity to key Exide customers and our existing manufacturing facilities as well as access to an experienced local workforce.

— Exide Technologies / Vic Koelsch

The new production facility in Joplin will drastically scale up production to several thousand batteries per month, enabling us to keep pace with growing demand while also refining manufacturing processes and accelerating development efforts. The end result will be a turnkey engineering package we can deliver to manufacturers with customer demand already built into the equation.

— ZAF Energy Systems Inc. / Randy Moore

One Call utilizes clinical oversight to help create better outcomes for employers and injured workers, so making sure we can hire and train candidates in Springfield who can provide this kind of specialized service was critical to our decision. Finding an available ‘plug and play’ building in Springfield meant we could fast track our new service center for our customers.

— One Call Care Management / Chris Watson

This move to Missouri is a well thought through strategy where all the benefits for all counterparts are optimized. The local authorities have been very easy to work with to help develop this project.

— Nammo AS / Raimo Helasmäki

The team loves the downtown location and the opportunity it provides. This area is rich with innovation and AutoAlert is excited to be added to the mix. AutoAlert is raising the bar to bring high paying tech jobs right to the heart of Kansas City and the Silicon Prairie.

— AutoAlert / Mike Dullea

Our meetings with representatives of Missouri and Gov. Greitens demonstrated that they are business-friendly and understand what we need as a company to be successful.

— American Outdoor Brands / James Debney

We have been very impressed with the business-friendly approach that the State of Missouri, Johnson County and the City of Warrensburg have provided. This project demonstrates our commitment to western Missouri by creating hundreds of jobs in the region. We are proud to become a bigger part of the local community.

— Dollar Tree / Bob Sasser

The decision to build our second milk plant in Columbia culminates several years of research and diligence to determine the optimal location for a new processing operation. Columbia was the best choice because it offers a location that expands and improves the efficiency of our total supply chain, from organic feed, to milk, to consumer. Central Missouri also offers a great workforce and attractive access to major interstate highways. We are excited to break ground on our new facility later this spring.

— Aurora Organic Dairy / Marc Peperzak

The central location with improved transportation access from the I-44 corridor and intermodal rail connections in St. Louis and Kansas City will allow us to quickly connect with our customers across the country. Here, we have found an excellent regional manufacturing workforce and a competitive business climate overall, which factored into the final decision to locate to Rolla.

— Hartmann North America / Gerry Lavis

Missouri as the ‘Heartland’ of American agriculture is the natural U.S. home for NRGene. Our strong partnership with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center brought us to St. Louis, and GlobalSTL convinced us to stay.

— NRGene / Gil Ronen

Over nine decades, our employees in St. Louis have played a crucial role in the growth of our firm, from both a local and global perspective.

— Cushman & Wakefield / Joseph Stettinius

Our supply chain and manufacturing facilities are also located in the Midwest. Housing our corporate offices in St. Louis will allow Solid Gold Pet to centralize our support for our customers and vendors, which means increased efficiency and productivity.

— Solid Gold Pet / Bob Rubin

We initially considered Springfield based on its proximity to our farms and infrastructure, but we’ve come to appreciate and embrace the community’s talented workforce, diligent coordination and authentic partnership. The people of Springfield are truly exceptional.

— Vital Farms / Russell Diez-Canseco

For a business like ours that ships coffee to a lot of places, it is important to be centrally located. There are many places we can get to quickly from Missouri.

— Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company / Tricia Zimmer Ferguson