Innovation. It’s becoming a buzz word that really doesn’t mean anything, since everyone claims to be the next center of innovation.

However, Missouri really is THE center of innovation.

From the Cortex Innovation Community in St. Louis, to the UMKC Innovation Center in Kansas City, talent across Missouri are developing the latest innovations within our core industries. And it’s not just startups. Major corporations have significant presence within these districts as they collaborate with the best and the brightest to take our state into the future.

Innovation Districts in Missouri

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In Their Words

For a business like ours that ships coffee to a lot of places, it is important to be centrally located. There are many places we can get to quickly from Missouri.

— Tricia Zimmer Ferguson / Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company

What I like about Missouri is the people. I like the work ethic that comes with the people. I like the honesty you encounter.

— Gregg Scheller / Katalyst Surgical