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You want to be where the innovation is! When you move to Missouri, you’ll be in a prime position to work in cutting-edge business innovation centers. From the Cortex Innovation Community in St. Louis to the UMKC Innovation Center in Kansas City, talented individuals working in cohesive, industry-leading facilities across Missouri are developing the latest in innovative business solutions across a variety of core industries.

It doesn’t matter what your business model looks like, or what products or services you offer—if you have a great idea, and you’re passionate about growing your business in a community designed to foster that enthusiasm, you can’t go wrong in one of Missouri’s innovative and entrepreneurial communities. Our innovation centers cater to more than just small startups: whether you’re a major corporation looking to increase its presence in a high-quality market, or a medium-sized business looking to join a community of fellow movers and shakers, we can help you work alongside the best and brightest in your field.

Innovation Centers are located across Missouri

Increased Collaboration Leads to Quality Innovation

Success in any industry is all about the company you keep. The team you work with on a daily basis; your partners that provide solutions to problems outside of your expertise; the people, businesses, and communities you interact with; no matter who these people are, they all play a valuable role in whether or not you succeed. And then there’s the people you meet. The creative people The innovators. Who can add to your business in ways you can’t imagine. We call them serendipitous collisions.

In Missouri’s many innovation communities, you’ll find the collaborative, forward-thinking spirit that small businesses and large corporations alike thrive on. Our job isn’t to take what you have at your existing site, and transplant it exactly as is to Missouri. At Missouri Partnership, our goal is to make sure that you have all the tools, resources, and information you need to succeed right here in the Show-Me state, and we want to make sure you meet the people who will bring the innovation you are looking for. In Missouri, your future is brighter than it would be anywhere else.

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Innovation Communities, Districts and Centers in Missouri

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In Their Words

For a business like ours that ships coffee to a lot of places, it is important to be centrally located. There are many places we can get to quickly from Missouri.

— Kaldi's Coffee Roasting Company / Tricia Zimmer Ferguson

What I like about Missouri is the people. I like the work ethic that comes with the people. I like the honesty you encounter.

— Katalyst Surgical / Gregg Scheller