One Missouri City is in The Midst of a Whiskey Renaissance

Kansas City, Missouri, has found itself in the midst of a whiskey renaissance. The city is home to numerous distilleries making super premium whiskeys. The area’s whiskey history goes back to 1856, when stagecoach king Ben Holladay began producing bourbon in Weston, Missouri, where McCormick Distilling Co. is today.

That tradition continues today thanks to distilleries like J. Rieger & Co. The company made a huge splash when it opened its renovated and expanded welcome center and distillery in July 2019. The distillery has been putting KC back on the national map for whiskey ever since it released its Kansas City Whiskey in 2014.

“Not only is Kansas City whiskey something consumers like, but others want to create their own styles because it had such an impression on them,” said Andy Rieger, Co-Founder of J. Rieger. “It helps puts the whole city on the map as a center for whiskey.”

More than 20 distilleries currently call Missouri home, in addition to more than 80 breweries and more than 130 wineries. In fact, one could say the Missouri alcohol industry has entered a new golden age.

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