New Partnership Forms To Produce Renewable Natural Gas In Missouri

Smithfield Foods, Inc., a food solutions company, and Roeslein Alternative Energy, an energy solutions company, recently formed a joint venture called Monarch Bioenergy to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) across Smithfield’s hog farms in Missouri. Once complete, all Smithfield company-owned finishing farms in Missouri will have the infrastructure to produce RNG, resulting in approximately 1.3 million dekatherms of RNG annually.

Monarch Bioenergy builds upon the successful first phase of Smithfield and Roeslein Alternative Energy ‘s “manure-to-energy” project in northern Missouri, which is the largest project of its kind. The joint venture will install and utilize infrastructure on Smithfield farms in Missouri to capture methane emissions from hog farms and convert them into pipeline-quality natural gas, which will be distributed to RNG markets across the county.

The biogas created by Monarch Bioenergy is transported through a gas-gathering network and purified in a centrally located gas cleaning system designed and installed by RAE.  Monarch Bioenergy will also harvest native prairie plants and cover crops that have been restored on highly erodible lands. The biomass will be digested to produce additional RNG in Missouri.

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