Monsanto to move R&D jobs to Missouri


Missouri-based Monsanto Company announced plans to move 65 jobs to its Chesterfield Research Village, just outside of St. Louis, in 2016. These jobs will be moving from: Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Middleton, Wisconsin; and Mystic, Connecticut.

The three research centers in those locations will be closed.

This move comes as Missouri continues to grow its AgTech corridor that stretches from Kansas City to St. Joseph to St. Louis, from Cape Girardeau to Springfield and Joplin, and everywhere else in all directions. This corridor encompasses animal health, plant science, agriculture, food processing and many related fields.

Missouri is the home of leading plant science organizations, including the Danforth Plant Science Center, Monsanto, the Missouri Botanical Garden and Yield Lab.

Missouri is leading the way in investment in advanced farming and Missouri talent is driving innovation and building a modern, cutting edge AgTech industry. In addition to Missouri-based work on seeds and farming inputs, Monsanto is also an industry leader in the use of drones, satellites and data in a way that is transforming farming as we know it.

In AgTech, and elsewhere, Missouri is growing companies.