Moberly, Missouri, Featured in Trade & Industry Development

moberly-mapThe Moberly, Missouri, area – a three county partnership located in both the Hannibal/Kirksville region and the Columbia/Jefferson City region – was featured in the Nov/Dec 2016 Trade & Industry Development magazine due to its “amazing transportation access” and “infrastructure.”

According to the magazine …

“The Moberly, Missouri area offers amazing transportation access to the world through unique and well-developed infrastructure. The region contains 30-minute access to Interstate 70, four-lane highways running north-south as well as east-west, dual, Class-A, rail-served sites, port access and two airports to accommodate executive jet travel. Whether by truck, plane, rail or barge, the Moberly, Missouri, area delivers products to the world. Fifty-two percent of all U.S. manufacturing operations can be reached within one-day drive of the Moberly region. Equidistant from Kansas City and St. Louis airports, a two-hour drive from the Moberly area enables the delivery of people or products anywhere. Coupled with a workforce of 100,000 within a 30-mile radius, including many skilled craftsmen and advanced degree holders, the region experiences significant economic activity. With progressive cities and pro-growth policies, the region is actively seeking to expand its reach.

“After multiple expansions of existing businesses and successful attraction efforts, the region is poised for continued growth. The Moberly Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDC) seeks to leverage resources from the local, state and federal level to become a premier economic development organization in rural markets. This collaborative approach connects businesses and government in a unified and mutually beneficial way. MAEDC is built on its multi-county partnership and regional interconnectedness. These partnerships put communities in the region on the map and allow access to the world of business.”

For more information on the Moberly area and how to invest in the region, please contact Steve Johnson, CEO of the Missouri Partnership, or Corey Mehaffy, president of MAEDC.


Moberly, Missouri offers amazing transportation access and infrastructure