Missouri Wins 2019: Niagara Bottling Selects KC for New Facility; Creates Almost 50 New Jobs

Niagara Invests in Missouri Manufacturing Facility

All month long, Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year. Today we are taking a look back at Niagara Bottling’s expansion in Kansas City, Missouri.

In July, Niagara Bottling, LLC, a family owned manufacturer headquartered in Ontario, California, announced its plans to open a new production facility in Kansas City. Niagara Bottling planned to create nearly 50 jobs and invest approximately $68 million in a 420,000-sq. ft. plant.

“I am thrilled to welcome Niagara Bottling as they launch their new manufacturing facility in Missouri,” said Missouri Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon. “The new jobs they will create will change the lives of these new employees and their families who call Kansas City home. I look forward to working closely with Niagara Bottling as they continue to grow in our great state.”

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