Missouri Wins 2018: Missouri-made Batteries Power NASA’s InSight Lander On Surface Of Mars

All month long Missouri Partnership is taking a look back at some of Missouri’s biggest stories in economic development from the past year, and today we are taking a look back at the landing of NASA’s InSight Mars Lander on the surface of Mars, and the Missouri-made batteries that made it possible.

In November, more than thirty three million miles from earth a new lander touched down on the surface of Mars. It was the culmination of years of work by thousands of individuals, and it is powered by batteries made right here in Missouri.

Batteries made by Joplin, Missouri-based EaglePicher Technologies, power the NASA InSight Mars Lander. InSight has begun its study of the interior of Mars, with the aim of helping scientists understand how the planet formed, lessons that could help also shed light on Earth’s origins. It will listen for tremors or “marsquakes” and collect data that will be pieced together in a map of the interior of the red planet.

Check out our full coverage of the landing here.

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