Missouri – Top State for Workforce Development

Missouri One Start is moving Missouri to the top rank for workforce development

States and communities across the US are facing shortages of available and trained workers. In July 2019, Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed into law a piece of legislation that caused Missouri to leap ahead of states like Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee and Georgia and become a top state for workforce development thanks to programs like Missouri One Start. Reach out today to our CEO Subash Alias to find our more.

Missouri’s new $42 million Missouri One Start program is part of a fundamental reset in how Missouri approaches economic development. The program is designed to help companies ramp up faster during an expansion by designing and delivering tailored and customized pre-employment screening, employment marketing, and job-specific training to make businesses more competitive.

Missouri One Start leverages a comprehensive strategy that networks colleges across the state to provide the customized training companies need. Combine this with the new $18 million Missouri Fast Track program, and the existing A-Plus program and the extensive offender work-training programs, and Missouri can not only provide customized training, but is now providing free community college across the state, across all demographics, plus ensuring released offenders are fully trained and ready to enter the workforce, to fill workforce gaps and needs statewide.

These programs allow Missouri to help businesses recruit, onboard and train large numbers of job applicants during major expansions. When business needs to ramp up quickly, Missouri will market job openings, and recruit, screen and train workers.

“From day one, workforce development has been a major focus of our administration,” Governor Parson said. “This legislation gives us the tools we need to be more competitive and shows companies everywhere that Missouri is open for business. We’re excited about this great step forward and will continue to invest in Missouri workers, help companies grow, and keep quality jobs here in our state.”

And the recent strategic reorganization of Missouri’s Department of Economic Development, under the leadership of Rob Dixon, has transformed the department into a customer-centric, customer service-oriented organization that is now designed to be your one-stop-shop for talent development and workforce training.

And we almost forgot to mention our new 4 percent corporate tax rate that goes into effect in January 2020. You’re welcome.

This new vision is ushering in a new day for Missouri, where companies can take advantage of being in one of the top states for workforce solutions.


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