Missouri ranks 6th for Long Haul Freight activity

INRIX has the nation’s largest data warehouse of sampled vehicle speeds, including the most extensive data related specifically to freight activity. In this Annual Scorecard, the subset of GPS vehicle probe data from 2010 attributed to vehicles focused on long haul freight movement has been separated from the full archive to present a timely picture on national freight movement via highways. While the distribution of samples may not precisely match the movement of all long haul vehicles nationwide, with INRIX’s billions of data points and sources nationwide, this is the most extensive, consistent, and current analysis available on national freight activity.

The relative density of measured freight activity on the nation’s major roads is shown in Figure 14. The figure illustrates that the nation’s truck freight network is highly interconnected, with some of its most important links – I-44 through Missouri, I-40 through Arkansas and I-70 through Indiana for example – located in places that aren’t immediately obvious (except to fleets and people traveling those roads).

[INRIX National Traffic Scorecard]