Missouri Named Among the World’s Best FDI Opportunities

Missouri offers one of the world’s best foreign direct investment (FDI) opportunities. Located in the center of North America, the state’s economy is diverse, with leading companies from 41 different countries across various industries thriving in Missouri.

International investment into Missouri has been so successful in recent years that it was recently featured in CEO Insight. Check out what they had to say about our state:

“Missouri, in America’s Midwest offers a strategic location in the beating heart of North America that is hard to beat for international companies looking to relocate, start up or expand. With the third fastest FDI employment growth in the US, the state hosts over 700 international companies and provides expert advice on site selection and generous incentives for those electing to call this place home. The source of this unrivalled know-how is the Missouri Partnership, which works in concert with the Missouri Department of Economic Development to create the conditions for maximum reduction of risk and the greatest scope for success, aided by offices across the globe.”

“While the likes of Kansas City, Springfield, and America’s ‘Gateway to the West’, St. Louis, play host to numerous industries, the Missouri region is perhaps most synonymous with advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and defense, agtech and food solutions, energy solutions, financial and professional services, health innovation, cybersecurity, logistics and distribution. Yet, regardless of industry, the common denominator which binds them all is business innovation, for Missouri brings people together, understanding that collaboration breeds success. And, in this respect it has one huge advantage: highly skilled and cost-effective talent in large numbers on its doorstep, fueled by an integrated college system and customized training programs.”

“With Missouri’s significantly lower cost of living than the coastal states, quality of life is high, meaning it is easy to attract and retain the talent you need. Moreover, the state can point to the third lowest corporate income tax ranking index in the country, as well as well below national average energy costs, creating yet more fertile conditions for business growth. On the transport infrastructure front too, Missouri has it all: international and regional airports, States Class 1 railroads, tens of thousands of miles of highways, and the Mississippi River System, placing the whole of the US market and beyond within easier reach than anywhere else in the nation.”

Read the full article from CEO Insight here.

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