Missouri-made Vehicles Earn Title Of Best Selling In U.S. For 42nd Year In A Row

Missouri is a world leader in advanced manufacturing excellence, and across the state, Missouri talent drives automotive manufacturing into the future with significant production from Ford and GM. Now, the Missouri-made F-Series trucks have been named the best selling pickups in the U.S. for the 42nd year in a row.

Ford makes the F-150 and the Ford Transit van at its Claycomo, Missouri, plant. F-Series sales rose 1.4 percent on the year to 896,764, and Transit van sales grew 8.2 percent to 137,794, giving Ford the best-selling commercial van in America for 40 straight years.

Missouri’s automotive manufacturing plants are strategically located on the North American Automotive Alley that stretches from Toronto to Mexico City, and Missouri’s Kansas City area is the second largest automotive trade hub behind Detroit, according to Brookings.

You can learn more about Missouri’s strengths in automotive manufacturing on our industry page here.

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