Missouri-Made Product Taking Steps Against COVID-19

StepNpull, a Springfield, Missouri-based innovator and manufacturer, is taking on the COVID-19 crisis one step, or one foot, at a time. The StepNpull is a foot-operated door opener that mounts to the bottom of interior doors and aims to reduce the spread of germs and increase accessibility in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. Sales have exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic began as facilities around the world are taking steps to stop this current pandemic and prevent future ones.

The Missouri-based startup was launched in Springfield’s efactory, an initiative of Missouri State University in their IDEA Commons district. Since then, the organization has grown and moved to new facilities in Springfield, and the StepNpull product is distributed across the U.S., the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Australia, Hong Kong. and South Africa. Previous customers have included NASA, Boeing, Coca-Cola. and Facebook.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, more government agencies, healthcare facilities, tech giants, and universities have focused on creating more sanitary facilities. Organizations that have installed the StepNpull innovation in their facilities include Syracuse and Clemson Universities, Bayer, Nissan, Walgreens, and many more.

“We have been hit with an overwhelming amount of demand for the product,” said StepNpull Co-Owner Mike Sewell. “We have looked at every part of our supply chain and we’re ramping up manufacturing to thousands of units a day in coordination with our Missouri-based manufacturer.”

StepNpull door openers have also recently been installed in the Missouri Capitol building in Jefferson City, Missouri

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