Missouri Logistics Company Places World’s First Large Scale Order for Autonomous Trucking Technology

Wilson Logistics, a Springfield, Missouri-based transportation and logistics company, has placed the world’s first large-scale order for autonomous trucking technology. The company recently partnered with Locomotion, a Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle company, to complete the first phase of a pilot program using Locomation’s autonomous convoying technology.

“We understand the importance of autonomous vehicle technology to the future of Wilson Logistics, and choosing our AV partner has been a deliberate process,” said Darrel Wilson, Founder and CEO of Wilson Logistics. “In Locomation, we see the most viable path to safe, rapid and broad commercialization, and we’re proud to make this purchase commitment.”

According to Locomation CEO and Co-Founder Cetin Mericli, Wilson Logistics placed an order to outfit at least 1,120 of its vehicles with Locomotion’s Autonomous Relay Convoy technology. The technology allows one driver to operate a lead truck as a follower truck operates in tandem autonomously.

“This is the world’s first purchase order of autonomous trucking technology,” said Mericli. “It’s a very historical milestone for the entire industry, not just Locomation. We are very close to seeing an actual commercial version of autonomous trucking.”

The first batch of equipped trucks is expected to hit the road in mid-2022. The deal will run through 2028, and Locomation said it will deploy its autonomous technology on a couple hundred trucks per year.

Missouri knows logistics, and can help companies get their products to a global market quickly and efficiently. In fact, Missouri’s central location allows companies to reach more than 50% of the continental U.S. in less than one-day’s drive, and most of the rest within two.

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