Missouri is the Heartbeat of North American Business

At the center of the U.S. is a state as rich in commercial infrastructure as it is in lifestyle opportunities. That state is Missouri.

The European, a quarterly business publication published by Chase-Publishing in London, recently highlighted Missouri and the many reasons it is a prime business location.

Missouri sits at the heart of the U.S., bordering eight states, giving businesses a huge strategic advantage by providing access to customers via road, rail, water or air. The Missouri and Mississippi rivers converge in the state, creating a prime asset for both business and recreation. Airports across Missouri provide non-stop access to more than 70 domestic and international destinations.

Minimal regulations, maximum business success

“In Missouri, you can forget the egos and complications that sometimes come with doing business,” says Mark Sutherland, CMO of Missouri Partnership. “Here, we’re no-nonsense. State government focuses on infrastructure, workforce development, and keeping costs low, all the while staying out of the way, so that you can actually do business. Missouri is a place where high quality of life meets low cost.”

Missouri has a 4% corporate tax rate, the second-lowest rate among states with corporate income tax. The state has held an AAA bond rating for more than half a century. A long-time top-ranked state for business, the environment in Missouri is low-risk, safe and stable.

Exclusive connections, exceptional talent

In Missouri, you’re only one phone call away from business leaders. The state prides itself on making businesses successful, and does more to ensure you have the opportunity, connections and support you need to build and grow. With training programs like Missouri One Start and Apprenticeship Missouri (one of the largest and most successful apprenticeship programs in the country), Missouri works hard to keep its talent upskilled so that companies can move forward.

Check out the full article from The European here.

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