Missouri Innovators Discuss Opportunities During London Tech Week

The USA and UK have a long-standing special relationship, but many people don’t know that special relationship was “born” in Missouri. In March 1946, Sir Winston Churchill stood in Fulton, Missouri and delivered his famous Sinews of Peace speech, also known as the Iron Curtain Speech. In that speech, the words “special relationship” were first used to describe the dynamic UK-US relations that existed, and have grown since then.

Today, Missouri and the UK have a trading relationship in excess of $2 billion each year, and there are more than 50 British companies in Missouri, employing more than 25,000 Missourians. And numerous trade missions (both real-world and virtual), partnerships and investments in each other occur every year, including a recent London Tech Week panel discussion on Innovation & Opportunity in the Heart of the USA. Mark Sutherland, Missouri Partnership’s CMO, was joined by Jim McKelvey of Square, Donn Rubin of BioSTL, Doug Austin of EaglePicher and Lisa Tamayo of Scollar. These panelists discussed FinTech, HealthTech, PetTech, SpaceTech, Agtech, Geospatial Analysis and more – all sectors that both the UK and Missouri lead the world in.

Missouri and the United Kingdom have strong connections today, and groups and individuals on both sides of the Pond are actively working to grow those connections across multiple sectors in ways that benefit both Missouri and the UK. Contact us today to learn how you can be a part of this vibrant cross-Atlantic ecosystem.

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