Missouri Hospital Named Among Best In U.S.

St. Louis, Missouri-based Barnes Jewish Hospital earned a top spot on U.S. News & World Report’s 2017 honor roll ranking of the nation’s best hospitals. The hospital came in 12th in the nation on the 2017 honor roll, which ranks the top 20 hospitals that deliver exceptional treatment across multiple areas of care.

But this hospital is just one of the many world-class institutions of health innovation in Missouri.

Cerner, Centene, and Express Scripts are all companies synonymous with Missouri’s reputation in health services leadership and innovation. These companies, and others across the state, are remaking the health industry.

In fact, cutting-edge biomedical research is taking place every day across Missouri in world-renowned research hospitals and innovation communities such as Cortex and the Missouri Innovation Center. Many of these companies are also leading the way with the latest in animal health research.

Missouri’s bioscience industry employs approximately 50,000 highly skilled individuals within more than 3,500 companies. And the state is home to the world’s first virtual care center, driven by the real-world expertise of our healthcare industry. Branded a “hospital without beds,” the Virtual Care Center provides remote support for intensive-care units, emergency rooms, physician’s offices, and even in patient’s homes.

Additionally, Missouri is home to some of the most prestigious hospitals, medical schools, and health companies in the world. 40 Missouri colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees or higher in biological or biomedical sciences.

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