Missouri Governor Highlights Jobs, Pro-Business Environment In State Of The State Address

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens delivered his annual State of the State address highlighting accomplishments from his first year in office, and emphasized continued job growth and Missouri’s pro-business environment.

“We promised to fight for your jobs, and we are,” Greitens said. “The most important thing that we can do for Missouri families is to make it easier for those without jobs to find them and make sure that those who have jobs keep them.”

According to the Missouri Department of Economic Development, Missouri saw 61 major expansions totaling more $1 billion in capital investment, and creating more than 5,800 new jobs across the state.

Companies that expanded in Missouri in 2017 included industry leaders such as World Wide Technology, Dollar Tree, and American Outdoor Brands Corporation, a company that represents a broad portfolio of entities in the hunting and outdoor enthusiast market, including Smith & Wesson, along with many more.

Governor Greitens also highlighted his regulatory rollbacks. When he came into office, the state had close to 112,000 regulatory requirements on the books, Greitens said. But he said his administration is slashing some 33,000 of those, making it easier for businesses to prosper in Missouri.

You can see Governor Greitens entire Stat of the State address here.

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