Missouri Company is Innovating the Trucking Industry

Missouri is already known as North America’s Logistics Center, and now brothers Nick and Irfan Sinanovic are changing the trucking industry through their rapidly growing, St. Louis-based company Vega Transport.

The Sinanovics were among the many Bosnians who moved to St. Louis during and just after the Bosnian War in the 1990s. Today, St. Louis has the largest concentration of Bosnians outside of Sarajevo. In 2005, Vega Transport was born.

“When we got into this business, we came without any preconceptions about how trucking should be done,” Nick says. “We just started from scratch and questioned everything. I think that’s what makes us successful in this business.”

One of the things that Vega Transport does differently is to prioritize the family lives of its employees. In the industry, drivers often travel hundreds of miles a day and can be on the road for many days, weeks or even months at a time. But Vega’s dispatchers make a point to route drivers as efficiently as possible, often ensuring that the road riders are away from home for only a few days, when possible.

“What we always focused on from the very beginning is to bring our drivers home, because a lot of our drivers are family-oriented,” Sinanovic says. “They have families, lives, kids, and they always appreciate when we can bring them back to St. Louis between their runs to spend a day with their families. That just means the world to them.”

St. Louis’ spot in the middle of the country also plays a big role in Vega’s success. Because of the centralized location, Vega’s drivers can transport goods to cities in the Midwest and beyond, with interstates and highways connecting it in every direction.

“It is very well connected to the east, west, north and south and makes a great spot for transportation, especially,” Sinanovic says. “St. Louis is growing tremendously in terms of how much freight ships in and out.”

You can read more of the Sinanovics innovative and industry-changing #STLMade story at thestl.com.

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