Missouri City Named Among Best in the Nation for Manufacturing Jobs

Joplin, Missouri, was recently named among the best places in the U.S. for manufacturing jobs, according to Smartasset.com. The website, which examined the best places to work in manufacturing by considering the percentage of the workforce employed by the manufacturing industry, job and income growth and how average incomes compare to median annual housing costs in each metro area, ranked Joplin 14thin the nation.

“Wages, manufacturing wages actually increased 6% this year, meanwhile our cost of living is still 21% lower than the national average, that unique situation allows for a great place to live and work in manufacturing,” said Toby Teeter, President, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Joplin Region sits in Missouri’s southwest, at the crossroads of I-44 and I-49 and served by two Class 1 railroads, providing easy shipping to all of North America. Due to the rail and road infrastructure, you can reach most US consumers in less than 12 hours. The region is known for its skilled labor force, easy transportation access, competitive operating costs and a local government that is pro-business.

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