Missouri Cities Ranked Among Best in Midwest For High Salaries & Low Cost of Living

Those looking for an inexpensive place to live with a high salary shouldn’t have any trouble finding one in Missouri. St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri, were recently ranked among the 10 best cities for high salaries and low cost of living in the Midwest.

St. Louis ranked 5th on the list. The city was touted for having a low cost of living index that beats the national average by 12.4%. Kansas City ranked 7th on the list. Kansas City provides a balance with a low cost of living index (5% below the national average), and a solid median income (2.2% above the national median).

It is due to factors like these that Missouri has seen strong growth in talent in recent years. Companies looking for a diverse and educated talent pool in industries including advanced manufacturing, agtech, financial and professional services, and more will find that talent ready, and available in Missouri.

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