Missouri Certified Site: Louisiana Industrial Park

Located in eastern Missouri, Louisiana Industrial Park is home to a rail-served, certified site, zoned for light and heavy industrial and manufacturing. 12 acres of this site are currently available. The site is owned by the City of Louisiana.

A certified site in Missouri requires the ground be mostly clear and level, be at least 25 acres, be intended for business use, have at least a six-inch water main, industrial capacity sanitary sewer, and three-phase 12 kilovolt electric infrastructure.

This Louisiana site has the capacity for 2.1 million gallons per day (GPD) water and 750,000 GPD of sewer treatment from the City of Louisiana, 480 kv of electricity and natural gas via a 6-inch main is provided by Ameren.

The site is located 10-miles from the 4-lane U.S. highway 61, and 30 miles from interstate highway 72. The Kansas City Southern main line runs adjacent to the site.

With its location in Eastern Missouri, and with established utilities, this rail-served, shovel ready site is perfect for your next facility.

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