Missouri Biopharmaceutical Company Expands, Creates 80+ Jobs


Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc., announced plans for a $200 Million state-of-the-art facility, at the company’s new campus in Chesterfield, Missouri. The facility will house Pfizer’s R&D and process development operations and is expected to create more than 80 new jobs.

“From startups on the brink of discovery to global companies moving the needle on advanced medicine and solutions, Missouri continues to garner expansions and job creation, further solidifying its position as the epicenter of bioscience and tech innovation,” said Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. “Our education and research institutions are shaping the brightest minds that are eager to get into the lab and make a difference in the world. Companies like Pfizer benefit from this growing talent pool and the natural synergy that comes with being part of the region’s burgeoning bioscience community.”

Pfizer’s continued success in Missouri is a testament to the state’s role as the global leader in agtech. In addition to Pfizer, Missouri is also home to agtech giants such as Monsanto and Bayer as well as world-class research institutions such as the Danforth Plant Science Center.

“Missouri is an important part of Pfizer’s R&D network, and we’re proud of the world-class employee base we’ve built here,” said John Ludwig, Senior Vice President of BioTherapeutics Research for Pfizer. “Thanks to the support we’ve received from the state of Missouri, St. Louis County and Chesterfield, our new St. Louis laboratory facility will provide the right location and space as we continue to evolve our business over the coming years.”

In Missouri, the future of agtech is happening today. Big data, smart farming, input optimization, precision ag, biologicals, breeding, green chemistry, green pharmaceuticals, intellectual capital, an extensive agtech infrastructure, investors … it’s all growing right here.