Missouri Agtech Company Working to Make Better, More Sustainable Fish Food

St. Louis agriculture technology company Benson Hill has teamed up with Riverence Holdings LLC, a producer of steelhead and rainbow trout, to provide what the companies say is a more sustainable food for fish.

Riverence is using Benson Hill’s plant-based soy ingredients to create fish feed that the two companies contend is cheaper and more energy efficient to make than alternatives.

“Benson Hill has developed soy ingredients that are uniquely suited for aquaculture and checks all the boxes from a nutrition, sustainability and cost perspective,” said Jesse Trushenski, Chief Science Officer of Riverence. “It’s exciting to have a product designed for our market that supports improved performance of our fish, is traceable, and has a very clean carbon and water profile. We decided to incorporate Benson Hill’s ingredients again this year and believe it’s the beginning of a long and valuable partnership.”

Benson Hill’s partnership with Riverence is an example of the organization’s ultimate goal: to have its ingredients used to produce sustainable food products that can be purchased by consumers.

“We now are able to supply consumers through partners like Riverence with a product that is more sustainably grown, that’s traceable, that’s domestically sourced, that’s non-GMO and you can drive down the street and get it. That’s pretty cool,” Benson Hill CEO Matt Crisp said.

Missouri is the world leader in agtech, paving the way with innovative technology and research in plant science and animal health that is transforming agriculture.

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