Missouri Agtech Company Develops Method to Improve Crop Yield, Stave Off Pests

Plastomics, a St. Louis-based agtech company, is developing new methods to improve crop yield and stave off pests. Founded in 2017, Plastomics has created engineering technology designed to deliver traits to a plant’s chloroplast instead of its nucleus to improve crops and their yield.

“Plastomics is delivering a game-changing solution that pushes the boundaries of what is possible through seed and crop protection products to meet the demands of farmers who are looking for ways to sustainably improve outcomes,” said Steve Welker, Operating Partner at Lewis & Clark AgriFood and member of Plastomics’ Board of Directors. “The industry will find this technology very exciting, and Lewis & Clark AgriFood is excited to be a part of it.”

Plastomics CEO Martha Schlicher said the company has experienced promising results in the laboratory for its technology. The initial crops being targeted by the company are soybean and corn.

Through its efforts to develop new ways of introducing biotechnology traits to plants, Plastomics’ technology could help growers meet human food and feed demand. The company says its novel technology could help growers avoid increasing disease and insect pressures from climate change while also reducing the need to use chemical insecticides to improve yield.

Missouri’s agtech industry is leading the way with innovative technology and research in plant science and animal health that is transforming agriculture. Across Missouri, leading agtech organizations including the Danforth Plant Science CenterBayer CropScienceBoehringer Ingelheim, the Missouri Botanical GardenYield LabDuPontBASFBunge, and more are developing innovative technology that is transforming agriculture.

It’s this global leadership, innovation, and talent that has led to Missouri being known as the global leader in agtech.

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