May The Force Be With You, In Missouri

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … more like not so long ago in a state right around the corner. That’s right, today, on May the 4th, also known internationally as Star Wars Day, we decided to take a page out of the Jedi playbook and tell you about how strong “the force” is in Missouri.

Whether it is our work force or our creative force there is nowhere in the galaxy can match the sheer might of the Death Star… I mean Missouri.

From a long, long time ago, Missouri has been a galaxy leader in industries such as agtech, advanced manufacturing, logistics and more. Missouri talent has been on the forefront of new technology that is closing the gap between science fiction and reality for years. From the Mercury space program to NASA’s Curiosity rover currently on the surface of Mars, Missouri talent has led the way.

Jedi Knights in their fields, Missouri talent cuts down conventional boundaries with lightsaber-like precision finding new ways for companies to make, grow and move their products. Missouri’s central location allows business to get product to market faster than the Millennium Falcon making the Kessel Run (less than 12 parsecs one scruffy looking nerf herder was known to claim).

In fact, Missouri talent has so much skill and experience in innovative new technologies that it could be a safe bet that one day soon Missouri could be the galaxy leader in lightsaber manufacturing.

So while Star Wars may have taken place in a galaxy far, far away, feel assured that you don’t need to travel that far to find the talent you need to grow your business. Whether you are shipping goods across the country, cornering the market with the latest innovation in health, or building a Death Star, Missouri has the workforce you need to get it done right here … until then, May the 4th (and the force) be with you.

For more information on Missouri’s talented and highly skilled workforce, contact Steve Johnson, CEO and Jedi Master of the Missouri Partnership, at 314.725.2688 or via our contact form, with any questions you might have, and learn how Missouri Partnership can help with your business expansion needs.

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