Manufacturer Invests in Rogersville, Missouri

Terra Star, LLC, a manufacturer of polyethylene pipe products, recently announced plans to build a new production facility in Rogersville, Missouri. The new expansion represents $5 million in capital investment and is expected to create 31 new jobs in the region.

“Terra Star’s expansion in Rogersville is great news for the community and our state,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson. “Our efforts to strengthen Missouri’s economy are continuing to attract new investments that create good jobs for Missourians. We welcome Terra Star and are excited to see their expansion and success in southwest Missouri.”

Terra Star is locating its manufacturing capabilities in Missouri to meet the growing needs of the construction and utility markets. Terra Star aspires to be a top producer for construction and utility users nationwide and will serve these markets through its polyethylene piping products.

“This project was made possible by owners who trust our local community, which is where my partners and I grew up and is special to us all,” said Doug Jungers, President of Terra Star. “This is not only an opportunity to bring more jobs to the region, but it also allows us to reinvest in a place that is dear to us. We look forward to establishing production operations in the welcoming community of Rogersville and Webster County, which has supported Terra Star to get this project started for us to grow and succeed.”

“We’re grateful for the positive impact Terra Star’s expansion will have for its local community,” said Maggie Kost, Acting Director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development. ”We thank each of our partners who made this project a reality and look forward to Terra Star’s further growth and contribution to our state’s manufacturing industry.”

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