Logistics Company Expands In Missouri, Adds 250 Jobs

Quiet Logistics, Inc., a leading provider of outsourced fulfillment solutions, opened its new Fulfillment Center of the Future near St. Louis, Missouri. At capacity the new facility will employ a staff of approximately 250 workers.

“We are excited to open our next great center with the best technology available today, and the best people,” said Dr. Brian Lemerise, President of Quiet Logistics. “The Locus Robotics solution increases throughput and empowers employees to work at their full capabilities. It’s a partnership that always results in the strongest performance, and we look forward to bringing it to the St. Louis market.”

The center, built on Quiet’s proprietary Fulfillment Management System, takes advantage of Missouri’s strategic location, which allows ease of access to customers across the United States.

“Expanding to St. Louis is an important strategic initiative as we continue to increase the capacity of our fulfillment network,” said Nick Saunders, Senior Vice President of Sales at Quiet Logistics.

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