Advanced Manufacturing

A Top Manufacturing Location in North America

Missouri: 265,600
Arkansas: 155,100
Illinois: 554,200
Iowa: 216,600
Kansas: 159,000
Kentucky: 235,700
Nebraska: 97,500
Oklahoma: 131,300
Tennessee: 355,100
Employment in manufacturing
Source: BLS, Current Employment Statistics, 2020

If your business is operating in an environment that’s not conducive to high performance, isn’t it about time that you made a change to a top manufacturing location in North America? When you expand or relocate your company to Missouri, you’re giving your business the best chance of success in a state that emphasizes cost-competitive, pro-business tactics.

Incentives and Benefits Help Manufacturing Companies Flourish

  • Extensive customized training programs
  • Globally connected infrastructure
  • Countless resources, including access to industry-leading companies
  • World-leading innovation with support
  • Unparalleled access to raw materials

  • $ 5.7 B
    in advanced manufacturing products
    are exported from Missouri annually

A Global Leader in Automotive Production

Across the state, Missouri talent drives automotive manufacturing into the future with significant production from Ford and GM. In 2021 alone, Missouri produced more than 475,000 vehicles at the Ford and GM plants. Missouri’s automotive manufacturing plants are strategically located on the North American Automotive Alley that stretches from Toronto to Mexico City, and Missouri’s Kansas City area is the second largest automotive trade hub behind Detroit, according to Brookings.

A Rich History in Aerospace

Our rich history in aviation, specifically military aviation, has helped make Missouri one of the top aerospace manufacturing providers in a country that’s already at the forefront of new technology. From Charles Lindbergh, to the space program, to modern aerospace technology from Boeing, we’ve been leading the way for nearly a century.

Today, more than 16,000 of Missouri’s highly trained workforce builds advanced military jets at Boeing’s Defense, Space and Security facilities, along with a huge array of military ordinance. Missouri-made products include:

  • F/A-18
  • EA-18
  • F-15
  • T-7 Trainer
  • MQ-25 refueling drone

Missouri is home to 100 aerospace manufacturing companies.

Educate Your Workforce in Missouri

Missouri is not just a top manufacturing location but we also understand that a well-educated and trained workforce is essential to success. As a result, the Show-Me state offers traditional and non-traditional training options for workers and companies that allow employers to recruit a workforce that is customized to fit their needs. And in 2019, Missouri leapt ahead of the competition with free community college, customized training programs through Missouri One Start, and various other workforce solutions that can deliver the talent you need on day one.

Look Who’s Already Here:

Boeing Defense Space and Security
Leggett & Platt Incorporated
White River Marine Group
TG Missouri
SRC Holdings
Olin Corp

What Next?

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