International Logistics Company Selects Missouri as Home for New US Fulfillment Center

Metro Supply Chain Group, a Canadian distribution and logistics company, recently announced plans to invest in Kansas City, Missouri. The 100,701 sq. ft. fulfillment center will be the company’s third in the U.S.

The new facility is expected to create between 50 and 100 new jobs in the region. The company plans to operate the warehouse through its affiliate National Fulfillment Services, and anticipates providing expedited delivery options to e-commerce customers through strategically located distribution points across the country.

“When Metro Supply Chain Group purchased National Fulfillment Services in 2017, our focus was continuing to enhance the e-commerce experience,” said Martin Graham, President of Metro Supply Chain Group. “The launch of this new Midwest fulfillment center allows our clients to reach most U.S. postal codes with expedited delivery, which is vital in today’s competitive environment.”

Missouri’s central location makes it a prime location for distribution and logistics companies. The state sits at the nation’s rail, river, road, pipeline and air crossroads, and enables businesses to get their products to customers quickly and efficiently.

“Kansas City is an ideal location; it’s within 15 minutes of KCI Airport, has a vibrant labor market for employees and increases our footprint to support our clients’ marketplace growth requirements,” said Kathy McDevitt, Director of Operations at National Fulfillment Services.

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