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Missouri is home to leading developers and producers of batteries for the defense, space, automotive, and consumer industries. Our batteries power NASA’s space program, including the Curiosity currently driving across Mars. We are in the top three states for battery production and a leading developer of next-generation lithium batteries in the U.S.

You could say that Missouri powers the space program.

Our location and extensive logistics infrastructure make it simple and efficient to ship energy-related products around the world. And Missouri’s low cost of energy, combined with low cost of living and doing business, positions Missouri as a prime location for manufacturers in the energy sector.

Missouri’s solar market has grown much faster than the national average since 2009. And northwest Missouri is located on the edge of the wind belt making it a stellar location for investing in the wind industry supply chain.

Energy Solutions Education in Missouri

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And our energy talent is leading the way in energy storage development at research facilities such as the Energy Research and Development Center at Missouri S&T, the Missouri Center for Advanced Power Systems, the Center for Physical and Power Electronics at the University of Missouri and the Lithium Ion Center of Excellence.

Add to our expertise our business-supporting tax policy and training programs that provide your company the tools and resources to ensure your Missouri-made products are profitable.

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ABB Group Energy Solutions Emerson Energy Solutions Energizer Energy Solutions EnerSys Energy Solutions Hubbell Energy Solutions Milbank Energy Solutions Watlow Energy Solutions 3M Energy Solutions

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In Their Words

From a strategic standpoint, we figured Missouri was the right place to be, because most of our competition was out on the west coast.

— Jeff and Cara Canon / ProEnergy Services

This workforce at our Lebanon, Missouri facility is as resilient as any I’ve seen, and this community works very closely with us. The city officials and economic development people call on us personally, and that is important to us as a corporate and community partner.

— Randy Nielsen / Emerson Climate Technologies

There are cost advantages to working out of Missouri. Corporate taxes, fuel taxes and property taxes are very low in the state. Utility costs among the lowest in the country.

— Hugh Gilmore / Integrated Wind Energy

The work ethic here is really good. People come in and work hard. They’re used to working hard before we hire them.

— Jack Prim / Jack Henry & Associates

I've lived in a lot of places, and there is a difference here in how people conduct themselves. There is a strong work ethic and friendliness that I haven't found elsewhere.

— Dr. Susanne Cohen / Triumph Pharmaceuticals

Kansas City is the ideal location for our punched grid manufacturing center of excellence given its proximity to key Exide customers and our existing manufacturing facilities as well as access to an experienced local workforce.

— Vic Koelsch / Exide Technologies

The new production facility in Joplin will drastically scale up production to several thousand batteries per month, enabling us to keep pace with growing demand while also refining manufacturing processes and accelerating development efforts. The end result will be a turnkey engineering package we can deliver to manufacturers with customer demand already built into the equation.

— Randy Moore / ZAF Energy Systems Inc.