Highlighting Missouri’s Growing Electric Vehicle and Battery Manufacturing Sectors

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are leading the charge in sustainable transportation, and Missouri is attracting companies that recognize the state’s prime U.S. location and top-notch workforce as strategic advantages. 

A recent article in Business Facilities Magazine Powering Ahead: Missouri’s Allure for Electric Vehicle Companies and Battery Manufacturers, points out Missouri’s flourishing position as a hub for EV and battery manufacturing isn’t based solely on location, workforce, and infrastructure. Missouri’s robust university-based clean energy research facilities, the presence of natural resources essential for battery production, and a history of automotive industry experience due to the presence of major players like Ford and General Motors all make Missouri an excellent state for EV companies and battery manufacturers.

The article cites ICL Group as an example of Missouri’s ability to attract cutting-edge companies in the EV and battery space. The global manufacturer of specialty minerals recently broke ground on a $400 million battery materials manufacturing plant in St. Louis. The 140,000-square-foot lithium iron phosphate facility will be the first North American plant of its kind and as demand for sustainable solutions and domestically produced battery materials grows, it likely won’t be the last. 

To learn more about why Missouri is attracting more and more electric vehicle companies and battery manufacturers, read the article Powering Ahead: Missouri’s Allure for Electric Vehicle Companies and Battery Manufacturers

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