Health Innovation Company Unveils New Biocontainment Systems to Help Fight COVID-19

MRIGlobal, a health innovation company based in Kansas City, Missouri, has unveiled two new mobile labs that could help with the COVID-19 response. The new mobile laboratories, which combat biological and chemical threats like the coronavirus, were inspired by the company’s innovative biocontainment system that was key in bringing 14 U.S. citizens who tested positive for COVID-19 back to U.S. soil.

“MRIGlobal’s mobile lab solutions have become essential infrastructure to many nations and customers in diagnosing infectious diseases and other biological and chemical threats around the globe,” said Dean Gray, Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance at MRIGlobal.

The new labs can be used for detecting bacterial, viral, and toxin targets, as well as explosive and chemical agent targets, in addition to COVID-19.

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