Health Innovation Company Grows In St. Louis, Missouri

EmpowerMe Wellness, a St. Louis-based provider of senior health services, recently announced plans to grow in St. Louis, Missouri. The company said it plans to add at least 500 employees to its local headcount in the next three years, after having closed on more than $100 million in new financing.

“We have a massive opportunity to help patients and senior living communities thrive in the value-based and outcome-driven shift currently underway within healthcare,” said Josh Stevens, CEO of EmpowerMe Wellness. “It takes significant effort and resources to pursue such a big vision. EmpowerMe’s unique model has been embraced by both patients and providers.”

Founded in 2017, EmpowerMe Wellness describes itself as a “tech-enabled, multi-service healthcare provider” for senior living communities. It provides therapy, diagnostic, pharmacy and primary care services for senior living facilities.

EmpowerMe Wellness said it has developed an “integrated” model of care that allows senior living communities to provide better health services to their residents and manage costs more easily.

“At the same time our nation’s aging population is demanding better delivery of health and wellness services, there is a growing need for new technology-enabled strategies to support value-based and outcome-driven care programs in the senior housing and care marketplace. EmpowerMe Wellness’ model addresses both simultaneously – investors and the industry are responding,” said Matthew Porter, Chief Technology Officer of EmpowerMe.

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