Health Innovation Company Expands In Missouri’s Cortex Innovation Community

Ascension Technologies, the technology solutions group for Ascension, a health innovation company, recently expanded its operations with a new satellite office in St. Louis, Missouri’s, Cortex Innovation Community. The new office will initially house around 20 associates who focus on web and mobile development, tech automation, cloud strategy, analytics and data science, and virtual care.

“We opened this satellite office at Cortex to be part of an innovative community, and give our associates more opportunities to network and collaborate with their technology peers from across our region,” said Gerry Lewis, Ascension Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Ascension Technologies. “We appreciate the diversity we see there and hope to benefit from the creative thinking that diversity of skill and thought inspires, something that can only serve to improve the products and services we offer as a leader in the healthcare technology space.”

World-renowned research hospitals and innovation communities are performing industry-changing research right here in Missouri. Communities like the Cortex Innovation Communityand the Missouri Innovation Centerproudly host companies and research centers looking to pave the way in their respective fields, including animal health research, biomedical research, and more.

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