Governor Parson & Governor Kelly Announce Launch Of Regional “National Security Crossroads” Initiative

Today, Governor Mike Parson joined with Governor Laura Kelly to announce the launch of the National Security Crossroads, a multi-state initiative aimed at raising awareness of and facilitating collaboration and efficiencies within national security missions in the Heartland region.

“We are proud to be home to such robust military and defense industries, and this initiative will be a valuable asset in strengthening national security and our region as a whole,” said Governor Parson. “This partnership will leverage our region’s existing industry, dedicated personnel, and strategic location in the heart of the nation to support military missions and members, expand new technologies and industries, attract skilled workers, and drive economic growth through good-paying job creation for both Missouri and Kansas.”

The National Security Crossroads represents a regional branding effort to bring awareness at all levels of government, as well as around the country, to the expanding base of security-related operations in the area. As the “heartland” of the United States, with a convenient location to all areas of the country, the region offers a strategic advantage in security and mission critical operations.

Seven major military bases are housed within the Crossroads area, covering the Army, Navy, and Air Force branches. The region also includes 11 national security installations, focusing on geospatial-intelligence, net-centric solutions, non-nuclear component manufacturing, combined arms preparations, strategic attack deterrents, bio-threat prevention, along with other critical technology and infrastructure concentrations.

“Kansas is proud of our outstanding national security assets and personnel,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “This partnership will be instrumental in showing the world the increasing strategic and economic potential of our region. By emphasizing this significant advantage, we’re demonstrating that Kansas and Missouri are integral to our national security strength and capacity.”

The Crossroads region stretches from Wichita and Manhattan, Kansas, to the bi-state St. Louis area. With the development of the National Security Crossroads collaboration, the region continues to represent a growing base of operations for a variety of installations, including military, cybersecurity, and public-private partnerships.

The program facilitates workforce and talent growth and resiliency, as well as collaboration between installations that enable Crossroads members to be agile and resilient. The effort also seeks to educate state and federal legislators and others in the region on the value of the Crossroads and its associated missions.

The National Security Crossroads was a concept developed at the Kansas City National Security Campus (KCNSC) to facilitate regional cooperation, collaboration, and other initiatives such as workforce development. The KCNSC is managed and operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies (FM&T), LLC.

“The National Security Crossroads is a means for federal agencies to draw in potential partners and suppliers who can strengthen national security and velocity through an affiliated network,” said Eric Wollerman, Honeywell FM&T President. “The Crossroads enables a smart network of partners to leverage contacts and information effectively throughout the region.”

The launch of National Security Crossroads includes the unveiling of the initiative’s new website, designed to introduce the public to the partners involved and to communicate the ongoing efforts of the collaborative initiative. Visitors to will also be able to access information on upcoming events, including webinars regarding regional updates.