Governor Greitens Sits Down With Site Selection Magazine

Recently, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens talked with Site Selection Magazine about reform, right-to-work, renewing state competitiveness and more.

“We’re really excited about the fact we’re a right-to-work state, one of the things we’ve done to make sure everybody knows Missouri is open for business again,” Gov. Greitens told Adam Bruns, Managing Editor of Site Selection magazine. “There’s been tremendous feedback from people in the state, around the country and around the world, recognizing the steps we’re taking to be a top five economy. Right-to-work was essential. Reaction has been positive across the board. At meetings with site selectors this past Monday, most had clients looking to move, and most of them said, ‘Missouri would not have been on our list before. Now that you’ve passed right-to-work you’re on the list.'”

“I think there are tremendous opportunities to bring people together around a common cause of making sure we have jobs at higher pay. They’re not Republican or Democrat jobs — we’re talking about jobs. One thing I think people appreciate about the approach my team has taken is we’re doing things differently. I signed a bill to make sure Uber and Lyft can operate freely here. I hailed a Lyft driver, she picked me up, I asked her what it meant to her family, I had her take me to a Taco Bell, I ordered a chalupa, and we signed the bill there in the parking lot. That video has something like 600,000 views. People are excited about welcoming innovative companies, in a free market where companies like Uber and Lyft can operate, and there was support for this bill from both sides of the aisle.”

“I have found that we can bring a lot of people together around this issue. During the steel mill session, we brought Democrats and Republicans together. When I was a Navy SEAL, before raids in Iraq or Afghanistan, I never turned to a guy and said, ‘Hey, before this mission, I need to know if you’re a Democrat or Republican.’ Our mission is to build one of the most prosperous states in the country, and we’re bringing people together to make that happen.”

You can read the full interview with Gov. Greitens in Site Selection magazine.

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