Global Marketing Agency Expands In Missouri, Adds 120 New Jobs

VML, a global marketing agency headquartered in the UK, is expanding in Kansas City, Missouri. The company plans to create a minimum of 120 new jobs in the Kansas City region over the coming years.

“We are proud to have VML headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri as companies continue to thrive in our state,” said Governor Greitens. “We’re always fighting to help companies like VML create more jobs and higher pay for Missourians.”

VML is part of WPP, the world’s largest communications services group and headquartered in London. According to the company, VML has already experienced staffing increases of more than 50 people since the beginning of the year, bringing their Kansas City facility to nearly 600 people.

“We’re extremely proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary – and doing so right here in Kansas City where our company was founded,” said Jon Cook, global CEO of VML. “VML has seen tremendous momentum, particularly in the past few years, including being recognized as one of the Top 5 advertising agencies in the nation in Advertising Age’s Agency A-List.”

Missouri and the U.K. have a long history of economic partnership. Partnering to create a great trade and investment relationship that creates and supports jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

“For Missouri companies, the U.K. is a natural launching point into Europe,” said Mark Sutherland, Her Majesty’s Honorary Consul of the United Kingdom for Missouri and VP of Market Strategies at Missouri Partnership. “Vice versa, for British companies, entering the US through Missouri, just makes sense. From a competitive cost of doing business, to connections to anywhere, to shared business sectors, to talent, to innovation, to a phenomenal work ethic, the Brits and Missourians are rather similar to each other, despite being separated by a common language.”

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