Global Company Invests In Missouri’s Animal Health Industry

Wilbur-Ellis Feed LLC, a division of San Francisco-based global agribusiness Wilbur-Ellis Holdings Inc., recently acquired St. Joseph, Missouri-based Ameri-Pac Inc., a manufacturer of pet and livestock nutrition supplements and ingredients. The company plans to continue operating the facilities in St. Joseph and keep all the existing employees.

“Wilbur-Ellis Feed has served as an influential industry leader for nearly a century, and the key to our success lies in not only in the diversity of our products, but also in our continued commitment to excellent service and innovation,” said Wilbur-Ellis CEO John Buckley. “Through our acquisition of Ameri-Pac, we are not only excited to expand our offerings, but also to be one step closer to achieving our goal of being the industry leader for the marketing and distribution for nutritional additives and ingredients for the livestock, pet food and aquaculture industries.”

Ameri-Pac produces high-quality ingredients for premixes that are sold to feed manufacturing companies. What sets Ameri-Pac apart in the animal feed industry is the strength of its laboratory, giving it an edge on research and development and quality control.

Missouri is home to dynamic animal health and plant science clusters. Statewide, pet food companies with their North American headquarters in Missouri generate almost $30 billion in revenue each year, and more than half of the world’s animal health industry is represented in the Kansas City region.

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