Gateway Arch Reopens In St. Louis, Missouri

The Gateway Arch is arguably one of the most famous structures in the world today. Built in 1965, it is the tallest arch in the world and a symbol of America’s westward expansion.

In 2013, city leaders launched a $380 million project that called for a complete renovation of the Arch grounds, construction of green space over Interstate 44 to more easily move people from the Arch to the rest of downtown, and renovation of the museum that sits beneath the monument. Now after 5 years, the Gateway Arch is reopening in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, and the new improvements will make the national monument more accessible and innovative than ever.

The new, streamlined museum will tell a more complete story of American history from a broader range of perspectives, visitors can learn about early Native American communities in the region, the westward expansion, Mexican-American War and more leading up to 1965, the year the arch was built.

Gateway Arch Park, which is part of the U.S. national parks system, averages 2.6 million visitors per year. The museum is free to all visitors.

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