From COVID Vaccines to Telemedicine, Missouri’s Health Innovation Industry Leads the Way

Over the past year, Missouri has been hard at work combatting COVID-19. And in fact, Missouri played a key role in developing the successful COVID-19 vaccine. In December 2020, Pfizer announced that its COVID-19 vaccine, which was partially developed in Missouri, had been approved for release to the public.

But Missouri has been leading the way in Health Innovation since long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cutting-edge biomedical research is taking place across Missouri in world-renowned research hospitals and innovation districts such as the Cortex Innovation Community and the Missouri Innovation CenterCernerCentene, and Express Scripts are all companies synonymous with Missouri’s reputation in health services leadership and innovation. These companies, and others across the state, are remaking the health industry.

Remote medicine concept.

Missouri’s bioscience industry employs approximately 56,000 highly skilled individuals within more than 4,900 companies. Additionally, Missouri is home to some of the most prestigious hospitals, medical schools and health companies in the world. More than 40 Missouri colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees or higher in biological or biomedical sciences.

And did we mention innovation? Yes, we did, but we didn’t point out that our companies are transforming the healthcare industry and how it interacts with patients globally. We are the home of the world’s first virtual care center, driven by the real-world expertise of our healthcare industry.

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