Food Solutions Company Invests in St. Louis, Missouri

Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL), a global specialty-minerals company, recently opened a new $18 million production facility focused on producing plant-based substitutes that look and taste like meat in St. Louis, Missouri.

“This new facility will help meet the growing demand for innovative plant-based foods and meat alternatives, especially ones that deliver an eating experience similar to that of conventional meat products,” said Chris Millington, Executive Vice President of Food and Phosphate Specialty Products for ICL. “Food manufacturers are looking for meatless options that will offer sustainable, functional and nutritional value in the meat-alternative category, and we’re proud to provide them with a solution.”

The new 10,000-square-foot alternative protein factory is expected to produce more than 15 million pounds of product each year. The alternative-protein product has been under development by the company for many years and is patented under the name Rovitaris.

With the opening of the new alternative-protein plant, ICL has reaffirmed its long-term commitment to St. Louis as its U.S. headquarters. The company also has a research and development facility in St. Louis.

“We love the city of St. Louis, and we’re very happy with the campus and ecosystem here and the fantastic employees that we have,” said ICL President and CEO Raviv Zoller.

Missouri’s food solutions industry has seen tremendous growth in the past year. From Missouri Prime Beef Packers investing in Pleasant Hope, to Cereal Ingredients Inc. investing in a new facility in St. Joseph, to Swift Prepared Foods cutting the ribbon on a new $68 million facility in Moberly and announcing a new $200 million facility in Columbia – Missouri’s food industry is thriving.

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