Finding Opportunity At The Intersection Of Food Production And Distribution

Look inside the refrigerator, and there’s a good chance the ground beef, sliced cheese or bacon was packed on a machine made by Multivac. The company’s growth over the years offers a blueprint for food manufacturing executives everywhere, according to Steve Johnson, CEO, Missouri Partnership.

In an article published on, Steve wrote: “As Multivac demonstrates, opportunity for food manufacturing companies lies at the intersection of food production and distribution. The company has fast access to both, and that gives it a tremendous strategic advantage.”

“When the journey from farm to fork is shorter, everyone benefits. Consumers get food that has spent less time in transit, and manufacturers can keep costs down while preserving or improving product quality. Ensuring key parts of the supply chain are geographically convenient gives companies more control over process and product quality.”

You can read Steve’s full article here. And you can learn more about Missouri’s food solution strengths here and why Missouri is called North America’s Logistics Center here.

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