Financial Services Tech Company Rapidly Growing in St. Louis, Missouri

SwipeSum, a financial services technology firm, recently relocated its headquarters in St. Louis to accommodate its rapid growth.

SwipeSum describes itself as a platform that helps merchants navigate the mess of credit card processing and its related services and fees. The tech firm was previously headquartered in Los Angeles. The company announced their decision to relocate to Missouri from the west coast in 2018.

“At that point, SwipeSum was just me and my brother, Stephen,” said SwipeSum CEO Michael Seaman. “He had been living here for a few years and convinced me to relocate to St. Louis so we could work from the same space. When I got here, I was blown away by what St. Louis had to offer.”

The company currently employs nearly 30 employees and is actively hiring to reach more than 60 employees within the year.

“If I stayed in L.A., we would probably still be a two-man operation,” Seaman said, “St. Louis gave us access to top talent, great fundraising opportunities, and a surprisingly strong entrepreneurial ecosystem to support us.”

Missouri’s tech workforce has seen tremendous growth. Between 2018 and 2023, the state’s tech workforce is expected to grow by 9.5%, ranking it ninth among all U.S. states. Missouri was also recently highlighted among the six hot emerging tech hubs for tech job seekers by CIO.

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