Engineering Firm Doubles Footprint in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City-based Dialectic Engineering has planted roots in the city’s Crossroads Arts District, with plans for big growth to come. The firm recently doubled its footprint in the district and plans to hire an additional 30+ employees in the next two years.

According to the company, part of that growth is thanks to light industrial work they are doing with global distribution giant, Amazon. The partnership turned out better than expected, with Dialectic involved in 12 different Amazon programs in all 50 states.

“That’s been big,” said Dialectic Engineering’s Chief Business Officer, Marcus Howell. “We’ve also gotten into the cannabis market outside of this area, mostly in the North and Northeast and a little bit in California. We’re hoping to expand that here locally.”

Dialectic works in several facets, including assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, schools, restaurants, retail, theaters, and entertainment. While its work has diversified in the last five years, the company remains true to its core values. From the pandemic’s onset, taking care of clients remained a priority.

Headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Austin and Denver, Dialectic Engineering is 100 percent employee-owned and was recognized as one of Kansas City’s Best Places to Work in 2020.

“We’re really proud of that and were blown away by some of the feedback we got,” Howell said. “I know we’re not one of the big, shiny objects like some of the other firms, but we’ve really got something great going on here. We had a very forward, long-term vision, and I think we’re maintaining that.”

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